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Tell us about yourself by filling out our “Contact Us” form. A Mindful Snacks team member will be in touch with you within 24 hours. If you prefer to contact us directly, call 905-564-6660 to speak to one of our Account Executives.

Do you offer vending service?

We consider our program an employee benefit in which employers fully subsidize the snacks and beverages. If you are interested in incorporating healthy snacks in a vending format, please contact us to speak to someone in our wholesale division.

How much lead time is required to place an order?

Please allow up to 48 hours advanced notice to ensure timely delivery of your fresh cut fruit and vegetables and fresh pressed juices. All other products may be delivered with just 24 hours’ notice – contact us to see if we can also serve you with a same day delivery. We will always try our best to accommodate your snack delivery request.

Are your snacks and beverages organic?

While our fruit and vegetables are not organic, we are committed to sourcing and supporting local farmers throughout the year. At times, the nature of our products and different seasons means we may have to source our healthy snacks from other areas through our trusted distribution partners in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. However, many of our dried snacks and beverages are made of 100% organic or All-Natural Non-GMO ingredients.

Our company has several dietary restrictions, what can you do to accommodate?

We offer an extensive list of products of over 250 SKUS and growing. Whether you have an employee that is gluten free, paleo, vegan, dairy intolerant, or has severe allergies to peanut and tree nuts, we are confident we carry something for everyone.

Do you add any preservatives in your freshly cut fruits and vegetables or juices?

We believe the best way to eat fresh fruit and vegetables is as intended by nature. No preservatives, syrups or sugar are added to any of our cut fruit or vegetable snack offerings. We recommend you eat your fruit and vegetable snacks within three days – which we’ve found is easily accomplished! Our fresh pressed juices are 100% pure, fresh pressed and bottled. They do not contain any preservatives, added water or sugar. We recommend you drink our juices within 5 days for optimal quality.

Do you require a certain number of employees to implement your program?

We understand that each company differs, and budget size will dictate the scope of implementing our Mindful Snacks program. We work with companies as small as 15 employees and as large as 3000+. We can accommodate weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – it’s your preference.

What days do you deliver your snacks?

Regular weekday office delivery is made Monday to Friday between 6:30am – 5:00pm. Saturday delivery is 9:00am – 5:00pm. For deliveries outside this schedule, just let us know, and we will work with you to accommodate the hours.

Do you offer any pre-set packages?

Each client program is custom created to tailor to the personal company needs. You choose exactly which snack categories you would like to focus on all the way down to the single unit. No full cases required of unwanted items. Only order what you want and how much you need. We break cases at no extra charge.

Can we order Mindful Snacks for our team meetings or events?

Absolutely! You don’t have to be an existing Mindful Snacks client nor have our full-service program. Tired of donuts, bagels and muffins? Contact us to see what items we recommend for your upcoming meeting or event.

Do you offer a trial run?

We are happy to arrange a one-time paid trial run. Let us show you want we can offer and do for you – if you do decide to proceed as an ongoing client, we don’t force you to sign any contracts.

Where do you deliver?

We are a Canadian-based company headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario with satellite offices in Halifax and Hong Kong. Through our extensive network and partners, we can service companies across Canada and the United States.

Do you offer office catering?

Our company focuses on healthy snacks; the “mini meals” between your regular meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, we have a network of preferred office caterers we have worked with and recommend.

Do you offer any wellness seminars?

Yes, we do. At Mindful Snacks, we believe it is just as important in educating clients on the importance on eating healthier and how this can relate to overall workplace performance. Through our partners at Health Stand Nutrition, we can provide webinars and online nutritional courses.

Are your gift baskets only available during the holiday season?

Corporate gifting is a wonderful way to recognize special occasions not just the holiday season. Choose from a pre-set gift basket or call us to create a custom one whether it is for an employee or client. For online ordering, check out our affiliate company

What payment options are available?

Clients are setup with invoice terms. Payment can be made via cheque, direct deposit, e-transfer and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex).

“Mindful Snacks is more than a supplier at LinkedIn – they are a partner. We work together to understand and provide snacks our employees will love. I’ve been very impressed with the quality, nutritional value of the products as well as their responsiveness.  They play a key role in promoting a healthy environment in our office.” – LinkedIn Workplace Manager

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