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Powered by Bullfrog

At Mindful Snacks, our fleet and facilities are powered by Bullfrog Power. In 2017, Mindful Snacks and our partners became the first companies in Canada to enroll in the Green Fuel diversion program. By partnering up with Bullfrog Power we make sure to offset our electricity use with green energy. Bullfrog makes sure that for every kWh of electricity we use, one kWh from a pollution-free, renewable source is put on the grid on our behalf. Our participation in the Bullfrog Power green energy solution puts us in the same company as many of the leading organizations Canada-wide.


Unbottle the Future with Bevi

Founded in 2013, Bevi is a Boston-based startup bringing customizable, healthy hydration to commercial spaces across the US and Canada. Bevi believes that how you stay healthy and hydrated is your choice to make and that you shouldn’t have to choose between what’s good for you and what’s good for the environment. Bevi is more than just a smart water dispenser: it’s an all-in-one beverage service that includes our machines, healthy flavours, and hassle-free service.

Today, Bevi’s smart water dispensers have saved the waste generated by over 45 million plastic bottles. Mindful Snacks is proud to offer Bevi to our customers.

Our Brands are Planet-Friendly

  • MakerBars makes plant-based protein using fair trade ingredients, 100% compostable packaging and made in Ontario
  • 1% of Buddha Brands total annual revenue is donated to the 1% For The Planet. By 2026, the company will donate $2 million
  • Sapsucker offers organic, plant-based, all natural and sustainable sourced tree water from Canadian trees
  • Buda Juice uses 100% glass bottles complete with their own bottle return prgoram and is transported using reusable shipping totes from local farms and suppliers
  • B Corp designated and Zero Waste certified, MadeGood supports organic farmers and all of their products are made in Ontario
  • JUST water produces responsibly sourced, produced and packaged water. JUST water boasts a 54% paper based package made from 82% renewable resources and a biodegradable cap

Organic Waste Management

To responsibly manage our organic waste, we have partnered with the GTA’s fastest growing organics and recycling collection service – Urban Street Organics. Their innovative concierge service and bin exchange program allow us to responsibly collect waste and help divert it from our landfills where it pollutes our environment.

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